Our community is built from one neighbor sharpening another. Please read below to better understand what our Sharpened community is and what can be achieved with just a little bit more everyday!


"I stumbled upon Sharpened Fitness and Nutrition by chance, and I can't express how thankful I am for making the call that led me to meeting Jay, the owner. What sets him apart from any fitness coach I've ever worked with is his genuine dedication. He not only listened to my health concerns and fitness goals, but he also went above and beyond. Unlike anyone else I’d worked with, Jay looked into my health and workout history and, for the first time in my life, he meticulously assessed my posture, stability, and strength before starting me on a workout plan.

My primary aim was simple: attain strength and good health. However, I had dealt with several health issues and tendonitis of the knee for 15 years and had been advised by doctors and therapists to avoid certain movements. Enter Jay, who challenged me with exercises like knee extensions and lunges. I held back, fearing I'd exacerbate my knee issues. Jay didn't push; he educated me. He explained why my knees would actually benefit by strengthening and moving the muscles and structures around them. I started cautiously with knee extensions without weights and, over time, progressed to completing 30 reps with a hefty 115 pounds. Even lunges became a routine “joy.” My knees are in the best shape they'd ever been. By the time I broke my toe at work, it was a no-brainer that I follow Jay’s guidance. He ensured I could still workouts and adapted my routine, so I could maintain strength while also aiding my healing process.

It wasn't just physical strength that was a focus for me; diet and gut health were on my mind too. I'd battled for years with health “experts” to address these concerns. From our first conversation, it was clear that Jay had a deep understanding of gut health. However, trusting his nutrition guidance took time. Looking back, my only regret is not running with it sooner. Within six months of his nutrition coaching, I shed 20 pounds and 10% body fat.  After decades of grappling with weight and health issues, I found resolution in my 40s, looking and feeling better than I did in my 20s.

The store had also been pretty great to have access to. It's not your average supplement and gear shop. It's a place focused on offering genuinely useful products. When I faced back issues, I didn't have to halt my workouts; the store had the right gear, so I was able to get a belt and keep going that morning. And Rally, one of the hydration powders, has been a game-changer for me – the first powder I’d tried that didn’t bloat or aggravate my gut! On mornings when I’m running particularly late for work or life, I love that I can snag a protein shake from the fridge and keep going after my workouts.

Sharpened isn't just a gym; it's a community. The coaches and clients have become a support network. Many of us have journeyed together for years, sharing struggles, recipes, and countless laughs. I can’t imagine starting my mornings without them." - P.T. 40's


”I walked thru the doors during the first week of the opening of sharpened thinking of buying a pre workout, not knowing it would be a life changing decision. Met the owner and founder of Sharpened Nutrition, Jay. I asked him his advice on what preworkout would be a good one to use, and instead of just giving me any old pre workout, he asked me what was the purpose of needing a preworkout and what other reasons are you working out. To make a long story short, after 3 years of nutrition, training, and mental health with Jay, I have conquered my weight loss and health goal. This was only the beginning. Never did I think I’d become mentally strong and just better from being at sharpened and becoming apart of a family I never thought I would meet.”  - T.M. 40’s


“I started coming to Sharpened Fitness & Nutrition just over one year postpartum. At the time, I was overweight and mentally overwhelmed. I needed help, and this place came highly recommended. Thanks to Jay’s fitness and nutrition expertise, I followed a tailored program that helped me shed body fat while building muscle. As my body continues to transform for the better, so does my lifestyle and mindset. I’m a full-time working mom who is always on the go. I find that my workout sessions are always efficient as every exercise is intentional, and the store is always well stocked with high-quality supplements that help me stay on track with my nutritional needs. I could go on and on about Sharpened Fitness & Nutrition. The bottom line is… the name fits the results! Everything for me has SHARPENED since I started the program, and my life continues to improve day by day. I am grateful on so many levels!” - A.M. 30’s


“Where do I begin, been enrolled with brother jay for several years now, great trainer, but I look up to him more like a mentor than anything else.

His style of training isn't only physical, but more mental. He holds you accountable & is very deliberate about his methods.

This style of training isn't for everyone, if your not up for a challenge, don't even bother. Don't get me wrong, your physique will be assessed, he works with all your preexisting injuries & pains, but like he says, "Pain is Temporary"

I train with 2 other faithful "sharpened" buds, Monday - Saturday @ 0500. It is the best way to get the blood flowing and the mind sharp for the day. Thank you brother Jay for all the support, knowledge & life lessons...” - A.D. 40’s

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