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+Collagen by Grade Nutraceuticals

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Grade Nutraceuticals' +Collagen™ is here to support you healthy teeth, hair, and nails!

+Collagen is a one of a kind combination of hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides and patented oligopeptides to provide an optimal way to support hair, skin, nail, joint and bone health! It is Non-GMO, 100% organic and certified grass fed sourced from pastured raised cows. Provide the ultimate boost to your favorite daily beverage with +Collagen† 

Benefits of +Collagen™†
- Improve skin, hair and nail health.
- Healthy bones, joints, connective tissue and tendons.
- Key growth factors (CTGF and EGF) to provide optimal cellular rejuvenation and help with the rebuilding of the body on a cellular level. 
- Certified Grass-Fed Organic Dairy
- Non GMO
- 100% Organic